A Taste of Colombia

3-in-1! Sample each tier of coffee Amor Perfecto has to offer.

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A Taste of Colombia
Stays in Colombia
From the traditional model

Amor Perfecto is absolutely delighted to offer our coffee community the representation of what we are – Colombian Coffees to the core. A Taste of Colombia offers 3 award winning coffees from three very uniquely tasting coffee regions of Colombia. From the southernmost in Nariño (our flagship coffee) to the mountains of Huila and Elias Roa’s famed Finca Tamana and then between them a modern coffee from Jairo Arcila’s La Esmeralda Farm in the State of Quindio. Each one of these coffees has won numerous international awards and is a delight to drink. The varied aromas and flavor notes ensure you will never be bored, and you will meet the warm people behind each of them, from mountain to mountain.

The Nariño Single Origin carries a lingering panela sugar flavor with an introduction by fruit notes that accentuate this region. The you step into Elia Roa’s coffee with more complex, yet balanced flavors that combine the best of what his region offers to coffee lovers. The Jairo Arcila then introduces you to a modern and citrusy coffee with disctinct tangerine and dark chocolate. A special coffee offering for every day. Enjoy the tastes of Colombia.

A Taste of Colombia A Taste of Colombia A Taste of Colombia

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

You cannot choose a winner, each one has something that catches you, I am from Colombia and I can tell you for sure that it is the best coffee I have ever had. The appreciation of flavors and smells is magnificent!Bravo!

Thomas Graham
Favorite coffee on the planet

So fresh, so flavorful and amazing taste. Best coffee ever.

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