From Commodity to Culture.

We are different.

At Amor Perfecto, we bring you one step closer to the farmers, roasters, and people of Colombia.

Our coffee stays in Colombia to be roasted and packaged before it is sold and sent directly to you. This allows us to both improve and add value to our national product.

This is how we decolonize coffee. No more exporting dried green beans and adding value outside of the producing country.

It's been said before, but you would not see grapes being exported out of France to be made into Champagne in Los Angeles. We think coffee is no different.


Harvesting coffee in Colombia is unique in many ways. The elevation is high. The hillsides are steep. And the farms are quite rural and isolated. Our rich volcanic soils see over 80 inches of rain a year with little to no risk of frost exposure. But perhaps the two most distinct differences are our year-round harvest and the fact that every single coffee cherry is picked by hand.

Colombia grows coffee from north to south, east to west – covering 11 degrees of latitude. That’s more than Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico combined. This, together with Colombia’s three distinct mountain ranges, offers our country a huge advantage – a year-round harvest. What that means for us, and for you, is that we are always roasting freshly harvested coffee.

Our harvesting practices are game changing as well. Most countries prefer strip harvesting by machine – an efficient, affordable but indiscriminate practice. However, here in Colombia, we know where the term ‘cherry pick’ really comes from. Every single one of our coffee cherries is harvested by hand, and expertly so. This process, timely and costly, ensures that only the ripest cherries are selected, leaving the rest to continue to mature – awaiting their day to become Colombian coffee.


Sometimes you have to go back to go forward.

For over 200 years Colombia has been exporting green coffee beans to be roasted in consuming countries all over the world. In fact, it was illegal to roast quality coffee in Colombia until 2003 when we fought to change the law and volunteered ourselves as guinea pigs to show lawmakers that our signature crop was not just for export. It was then when we discovered something amazing – roasting coffee at origin had a huge impact.

The obvious difference – we were roasting green coffee beans fresh from an ongoing harvest. They had never been stored in a warehouse or shipped in bulk overseas - battling the elements. They had never been traded or blended. And we had first dibs. It was simply fresh Colombian coffee direct from the farm.

The not-so-obvious difference - roasting in the thin, clean Bogota air at nearly 9,000ft of elevation. Going from happy accident, to hypothesis, to a full-blown university scientific research study – roasting at extreme altitudes means beans are exposed to less atmospheric oxygen during roasting and packaging. In our case, a whopping 25% less oxygen than roasting coffee at sea level. The result was an amazingly fresh coffee with a longer lasting freshness. But we needed to prove this point, so we rolled the dice on the global stage and took a huge leap of faith…

In 2019, we held an exclusive cupping in London and invited every single top baristas, roasters and coffee geeks we could think of – and served them only OLD COFFEE. Well, conventionally old, that is. Six coffees were served - five single estate coffees and our flagship coffee from Nariño. The youngest, freshest coffee in the lot - three months old, and some nearly five months old! The cuppers were oohing and ahhing, slurping and scribbling. But it wasn’t until after the final coffee was served that we made the big reveal and shocked the cuppers to their cores. Many stuck around for hours, offering their opinions and theses as to why the coffee was still so vibrant, rich and flavorful.

But it wasn’t until we told them the whole story that they started to understand. Expertly roasting beans at origin, fresh from harvest, and at high altitude, made these subtle differences that made all the difference in the world.


It's time coffee producing countries start sharing their wonderful coffee with the world, not just their green beans. This is bigger than us at Amor Perfecto. This is bigger than Colombia. Shipping roasted coffees directly allows producing countries to export a vibrant cultural product, not a lifeless commodity. You don’t see France exporting chardonnay grapes to be made into wine in Los Angeles.

We’ve partnered with FedEx to bring you, truly, the World’s Freshest Coffee. The experience of drinking a coffee directly from its origin in just a few days is something totally new in the world of coffee. In fact, just a few short years ago this would have been completely unimaginable.

Today it’s a reality – and tomorrow it’s something we hope to see from many others, both in Colombia and abroad. This is the beginning of a movement, a movement that turns the tables for the farmers. That turns the tables for the producing countries. We can’t say it enough, purchasing coffee from a roaster in a producing country helps to decolonize our industry.

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