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Meet our Farmers

Amor Perfecto’s impact goes well beyond the cup.

When you buy Amor Perfecto, you increase Colombia’s stake in the value-chain by nearly 500% versus any coffee roasted in the USA. That money greatly improves the wages of Colombia’s farmers and all those in the coffee supply chain, including pickers, roasters, millers and baristas. The impact is massive—from Colombia’s economy straight down to your taste buds.

Put your coffee experience in experienced hands.

When it comes to dedication, craftsmanship and care, Amor Perfecto would put our Colombian farmers, pickers, roasters, millers and baristas up against any the world has to offer. So grab your favorite cup of Amor Perfecto, and see how their stories enrich your enjoyment of our coffee even more.

Astrid Medina

Born on 9 January 1977 in Gaitania, Tolima, She is the fifth in a family of 14 children. Following in the footsteps of her paternal grandfather and her father, who introduced her to coffee farming when she was 14, Medina graduated in agricultural production technology at Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA).
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Eduard Campos

Eduard is 41. He has 2 kids, Yiluza and Karen. He wants to take formal classes on agriculture and apply what he learns on the farm and the coffee.
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Elias Roa

Elias bought the Tamana Farm 7 years ago. They also produce yucca, plantain, and corn.
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Luz Edy Gomes

Luz is 44. She is a strong woman proud to be a coffee grower. She has 5 children. Luz wants to provide good education for them.
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Manuel Matta

Manuel, the owner of Finca El Gran Cañón, Agua Linda District, Cienaga Municipality, has dedicated himself to applying his knowledge as Agricultural Engineer, since he finished college, 20 years ago. He has always been involved in coffee growing in the region of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
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One of our main promises is the guaranteed freshness of Amor Perfecto coffee. Our process allows us to roast the fresh green beans and capture the flavors and aromas for you to taste and smell!


Our direct employment allows us to cut out the middleman and lets us pay our farmers double the market rate!


Amor Perfecto uses 100% speciality Colombian, single origin, arábica coffee that is carefully analyzed to certify its quality.


Every one of our coffee bags has a QR code that you can scan and see the entire process, people and places that are behind your specific bag of coffee.

Because of our commitment to place, process and people, Amor Perfecto coffee has the ability to connect generation to generation, countryside to city, border to border, and Colombia to the world. Like a perfect love, Amor Perfecto knows no boundaries.