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Elias Roa

Elias Rao and his family o...

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Umbertino Cuatindoy

Umbertino Cuatindoy’s Chacagu...

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Samuel Bermudez

Samuel Bermudez’s story is...

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La Inmaculada

The La Inmaculada Coffee F...

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Santos Viscaya


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Trace Coffee

Elias Roa

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Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Rare and Exotic

Samuel Bermudez

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Sweet, wild strawberries. Like nothing you’ve ever had before!

An exclusive, limited edition collection of specialty coffees featuring Frida Kahlo’s iconic artwork, produced by Amor Perfecto’s award-winning female-owned farmers.

Freshness Matters

From farm to you, with love.

Typical coffee takes anywhere from 6 to 36 months to get to your cup. Amor Perfecto does it in weeks.
We didn’t just shorten the process, we changed the game.

Introducing Amor Perfecto

The Story Behind the World’s Freshest Coffee

Luis Fernando Velez’s love affair with coffee started 20 years ago when he set out to develop the world’s finest coffee, pushing the boundaries of quality, freshness, sustainability and transparency in the process.

Our Beans are Hand-Picked. Just Like Our Farmers.

Because every difference
makes all the difference.

From QR codes on our coffee so you can track the journey from bean to brew, to paying our farmers double the market rate. At Amor Perfecto, we push the boundaries of quality, freshness, sustainability and transparency.

Morten Wennersgaard


The work of Amor Perfecto has had a huge impact, especially through its promotion of specialty coffee within Colombia’s internal market. Amor Perfecto has also been very active in the coffee estate. This has generated positive results among the producers.

José Cleofas

Judge, WBC

It is clear that, when one is committed to quality, it is always possible to break paradigms in pursuit of improvement. This idea has characterized Amor Perfecto. The company has evolved in its selection of beans, its roasting style, and its packaging.

Harry Sasson

Chef, World's Best 50 Restaurant

We began to form the barista team in our restaurant. This is when Amor Perfecto came in. They trained the team and brought us excellent coffee. Together we bought the coffee that won the Cup of Excellence.

Roberto Velez’s

CEO Colombian Coffee Federation

I never drink coffee in restaurants. But, in a relaxed way, I never hesitate to do so whenever I see Amor Perfecto logo.

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