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A Love Story For Coffee Brimming with Passion

Perfect love means all or nothing

This love story began 25 years ago when Amor Perfecto’s founder, Luis Fernando, discovered his passion for coffee. His quest: to bring the freshest, best tasting Colombian coffee to the world. To truly appreciate Amor Perfecto, one must first understand Luis’ journey from working with farmers, to himself being a barista and café owner to then being recognized for his coffee with more than 20 international awards.

The irony within this particular coffee love story is that, back in the late 90s, there was no appreciation or well developed “coffee culture” for high-end coffee in Colombia. In fact, it was against the law to roast and/or sell quality beans locally. Land that produced and supplied some of the world’s best “green beans” were, by law, for export only. Colombian citizens were left with consuming what was left—low grade, inferior coffee.

A love for coffee so fanatical, it was once illegal.

Luis’ passion for offering the freshest best tasting coffee in Colombia got the better of him, so he quietly “broke the law”. He began buying, roasting and selling to Colombians, hi-quality coffee beans from producers who had capacity beyond their export allotments. Surprisingly, upon sharing his passion with the Federación Nacional de Colombia/Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) he did not face a “firing squad,” but instead the FNC embraced his idea for creating a high-end Colombian coffee culture! The law was successfully changed in 2003.

Offering the freshest and highest-quality Colombian Coffee takes more than one man—it takes a village

For 17 years, Luis Fernando carefully built a global team of FNC-affiliated growers, agricultural technology companies, master roasters, baristas, packagers, chefs and coffee aficionados. With that team in place, Luis could finally share his love of the finest Colombian Coffee with the entire world. Perfecto!

Luis’ evolution from local barista to industry visionary is not only unique, but was necessary to confidently include “Perfecto” in our name. Luis’ journey toward understanding the key for producing fresh coffee led him to uncover what he believes are the five myths the traditional coffee industry has historically presented when talking about high quality coffee.

A love like no other. Because of a commitment like no other.

Perfect love means all or nothing

Luis Fernando continues to take the preparation of coffee as seriously today as he did nearly 25 years ago. Amor Perfecto baristas continue to lead training courses that have been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. To date, Luis has trained more than 4000 baristas to take the best, fresh roasted-at-origin beans to produce the perfect cup of Amor Perfecto. Caring for the coffee at every step in its creation, down to the last moment, is critical. Luis playfully says “our coffee is so good, even the world’s worst barista can’t destroy it.”

Thanks to Amor Perfecto, today’s generations are gaining a new appreciation for truly great fresh coffee and the opportunity to support social benefits for coffee’s local Colombian indigenous communities. It is in that spirit that we invite you to taste Colombia’s freshest and most awarded coffee—and with every sip, feel good about supporting local Colombian coffee growers and families on their journey to a better life.